Rooibos Fruit Tea 南非路易波士水果花茶 —4gx20tea bags

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Rooibos Fruit Tea 南非路易波士水果花茶 — 4gx20tea bags 

Rooibos are known to have an amazing array of health benefits and antioxidants. UMED Rooibos Fruit Tea blends Premium Rooibos from South Africa with a carefully curated fruits and flora combination for a refreshing caffeine free tea which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

南非路易波士水果花茶里不同的 果茶具有不同的功效,是一种 天然的养生方式。行气解郁, 养颜美容和提高免疫力。

[ Ingredients 成份 ]

Rooibos , Roselle , Rose Buds , Haw, Peach , Apple

路易波士茶 , 洛神花 , 玫瑰花 , 山楂 , 水蜜桃 , 苹果

[ Directions 用法 ]

Infuse one tea bag in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes and its ready.

取一茶袋,冲入沸水 , 密盖2-3分钟 , 即可饮用 。可冲泡多次

Storage : Keep in cool & dry place
Net Weight : 80g (4g x 20pkt)
Product of : South Africa