Matcha Powder 有机抹茶粉 — 140g

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Organic Matcha Powder 有机抹茶粉 — 140g

Organic Matcha is perfect for cakes, smoothies, tea drinks and other healthy recipes.

[ Direction 食用方法 ] 

Matcha is sensitive to high temperature above 60-70 c during tea preparations. 2-4g can be used per serving.

可用2g抹茶粉 (可依个人喜好, 调整浓度) 置于杯中加入60cc (60至70度温水),也可以用 传统茶筅搅拌,浓厚的泡沫, 喝起来味道鲜美可口。可加入 牛奶、蜂蜜、糖、冰块调制 美味饮品。或也可加入面包、 蛋糕等成为美味甜品。

Ingredients : 100% Organic Matcha
Net Weight : 140g
Storage : Kee in cool & dry place or Refrigerated
Product Origin : China