Luo Han Guo Powder 黄金罗汉果粉 —130g

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Luo Han Guo Powder 黄金罗汉果粉 —130g

* 天然果糖 无添加蔗糖 * (No Sugar Added)

黄金罗汉果是特有的葫芦科植物,也是 特有的药用植物,果实含多种有效成分, 如甜甙、黄酮、蛋白质,氨基酸、甘露醇、 油脂、多种微量元素和维生素等,因而 黄金罗汉果具有多种医疗和保健功能, 如润肺、生津消渴、增强人体免疫力等等。

Golden Fructus Momordicae or better know as Luo Hang Guo is a dried medicinal fruit belonging to the gourd family of plants. Its found to contains flavonoids, polysaccharides, amino acids, and essential oils. Its widely used in chinese herbal remedies to alleviate heatiness induced cough and improving the overall functions of the lungs. Modern research also uses its extract to manufacture low calorie sweetener as a substitute over cane sugar.

[ Ingredients 成份 ]

Luo Han Guo ( 罗汉果 )

[ Directions 用法 ]

黄金罗汉果粉的吃法很多, 即可用于制作甜品,比如面包,糕点,花茶, 佳肴等等。也可用热水冲泡250克花茶 饮料,加入一小茶匙或1克黄金罗汉果粉 (代糖)即可饮用,止渴清香美味可口。

Golden Fructus Momordicae and be in a variety of ways such as baking, pastries and flora tea infusion. 1g of powder can be used as a sugar substitute for 250ml of boiling water for tea preparation.

Storage : Keep in cool & dry place or Refrigerated
Net Weight : 130G
Product of : China