Five Grain Powder 五谷粉 — 500g

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Five Grain Powder 五谷粉  — 500g

天然纯正五谷粉100%采用五谷,豆,麦原料,糙米等直接加工研磨,其营养源素高, 吸收最直接。它含有较多的钙质,蛋白质,维生素B群及磷铁质等。它促进食欲, 强化钙质,帮助成长的天然保健食品,男女老幼,孕妇均可饮用。

Natural Five Grain Powder, made from 100% natural ingredients without preservative, colouring and flavouring added. It provide energy for everyday activities, strengthen healthy helps to nourish brain.

[ Ingredients 成分 ] 


Unpolished Rice, Kaoliang, Black Rice, Millet, Pearl Rice, Barley, Pearl Barley, Wheat, Fox-nut, Oats, Buckwheat.

[ Direction 食用方法 ] 

Empty one sachet into a cup add hot water (250g) stir well and serve.

大约35g五谷粉可添加250g温开水.(一个马克杯9分满)甜点,咸点视个人 喜好调理,贯饮甜者,可加豆浆,水果汁,牛奶粉,糖类等均可。贯饮咸者,可加各 种不同的高汤或肉即可成咸粥美食。

Net Weight : 500g
Storage : Keep in cool & dry place
Product Origin : China