Fruity Flora Tea 水果花茶—240g

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Fruity Flora Tea 水果花茶 — 240g


[ Ingredients 成分 ]

Hibiscus, Roselle, Rose Buds, Raisin, Lemon Verbena, Haw, Peach, Apple

木槿花, 玫瑰茄, 玫瑰花瓣, 葡萄干, 马鞭草, 山楂, 水蜜桃, 苹果

[ Direction 食用方法 ] 

Infuse 8g of the Fruity Flora Tea to 300ml of hot water for 3 minutes before serving. Honey or Sugar can be added according to individual preference.

取本品8克,加入300毫升热水,三分钟后即可饮用, 加入蜂蜜或冰糖口味更佳。

Net Weight : 240G
Storage : Keep Refrigerated (需冷藏于冰箱) 
Product Origin : Singapore