Cordyceps Militaris 蜂标虫草菌丝体—100g

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Cordyceps Militaris 蜂标虫草菌丝体—100g

[ Direction 用法 ]

取虫草菌丝体3-5g 用沸水冲泡数分钟后可当茶饮用 (可重复浸泡)虫草菌丝体可嚼服, 或用5-10g虫草菌丝体,枸杞、 北芪、淮山、党参、白术、玉竹 与肉类同炖,功能止咳润肺。

Add 3-5g of Cordyceps Militaris into boiling water, let it infuse for 3-5 mins, ready to serve. Or put chicken or any other meat with 5-10g Cordyceps Militaris into a pot. Braise for 2-3 hours.

Storage :
Keep in cool & dry place or refrigerated (需储存于阴凉干燥处或冷藏)
Net Weight : 100g/pkt
Product Origin : China