Ceylon Lemon Tea 锡兰柠檬茶袋泡茶 —3.5gx20tea bags

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Ceylon Lemon Tea 锡兰柠檬茶袋泡茶 — 3.5gx20tea bags

锡兰柠檬红茶出产于斯里兰卡又 被称为“西冷红茶”。滋味柔和, 带柠檬香气,是一种天然的养生 袋泡茶。助胃肠消化,提神解疲 等功效。

Ceylon tea as its name would suggest is carefully harvested from the Sri Lanka . Coupled with delectable lemon bits, whether brewed as hot or iced it makes a cup of refreshing tea with plenty of zest perfect for the mornings and lazy afternoons.

[ Ingredients 成分 ]

Ceylon Tea Leaf, Lemon 
锡兰红茶叶, 柠檬碎

[ Direction 冲泡方法 ]

Infuse one tea bag in boiling water for 3 minutes and its ready.
取一茶袋,冲入沸水, 密盖2-3分钟,即可 饮用。可冲泡多次。

Net Weight : 3.5gx20tea bags/Bottle
Storage : Keep in cool & dry place (需储存于阴凉 干燥处)
Product Of : Sri Lanka/斯里兰卡