Black Bean Powder 即溶黑豆粉 — 300g

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Instant Black Bean Powder 即溶黑豆粉  — 300g

脱皮去渣 无添加蔗糖

[ Direction 食用方法 ] 

Add 95°c boiling water to Black Bean Powder and stir well till smooth, and its ready to be served. Soya bean , milk , coffee can be added to fit individual taste.

用95°c热开水冲调搅拌均匀后,即可食用。也可用开水调成 粉糊状或入稀粥中食用。建议配搭豆浆,牛奶,奶茶,咖啡等 一起冲调食用,风味更佳。

Ingredients : Selected Black Bean , Maltose Syrup
Net Weight : 300g/1KG
Storage : Keep in cool & dry place ,avoid sunlight
Product Origin : China (黑龙江)