Bird's Nest With Ginseng & Rock Sugar 蜂标泡参冰糖燕窝—230g

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Using the best authentic natural bird's nest, after washing and removing impurities feathers and add ginseng, cordyceps, rock sugar, etc. and so effective mixture by the traditional method to carefully made. Products via high temperature and pressure sterilization, without any artificial colors flavors or preservatives, health and safety, is pure natural health care products. That instant can open and have it directly, very convenient, can be heated or frozen, depending on personal taste,  long-term consumption, particularly good effect.



Bird's nest, America ginseng, sugar solution, water.



One bottle to be taken either in the morning or before sleeping. Adult drink one bottle each day, children drink half a bottle every day.



Please store in a dry, shady and cool place. Keep refrigerated after opening.