Pure American Ginseng Tail 美国老山泡参须 —37.5g

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Pure American Ginseng Tail 美国老山泡参须 — 37.5g

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花镇参最主要产地在 美国威斯康辛洲 (Wisconsin),花真參属五加科。


[ Directions 用法 ]

每次服量约5-10克,用清水煎茶饮服,或将花旗参片 , 放入口中慢慢嚼烂吞下,亦可将花旗参薄片放入水杯内或热水瓶再加入滚水,盖密杯口,浸焗15分钟,皆获同样功效。

5 to 10 grammes of ginseng may be used for each consumption . A way of consuming is to brew Sliced ginseng, in a cup or vacuum, flask of boiling water . Cover up and allow it to soak for approximately 15 minutes . Another alternative is to a the ginseng into small pieces to Chew and eat, it can provide similar curative efficacy.

Grade :

Storage : Keep Refrigerated
Net Weight : 37.5g
Product Of : U.S.A