American Ginseng Slices 美国花旗参切片 — 180g

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American Ginseng Slices 美国花旗参切片

Usage : 5 to 10 grammes of ginseng may be used for each consumption . A way of consuming is to brew sliced ginseng, in a cup or vacuum flask of boiling water. Cover up and allow it to soak for approximately 15 minutes. Another alternative is to cut the ginseng into small pieces to chew and eat. It can provide similar curative efficacy.

服量及用法:每次服量约5-10克,炖鸡汤与肉类或用清水煎茶饮服,或将花旗参切片,放入口中慢慢嚼烂吞下,亦可将花旗参 薄片放入水杯内(或热水瓶),再加入滚水,盖密杯口,浸 15分钟,皆获同样功效.

Storage : Keep in cool & dry place or Refrigerated (需储存于阴凉干燥处或冷藏)

Net Weight : 180g/Bottle

Product Of : Wisconsin, U.S.A.