Lotus Root, Water Chestnut and Cane Soup 莲藕马蹄竹蔗润肺汤 350g

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Lotus Root, Water Chestnut and  Cane Soup 莲藕马蹄竹蔗润肺汤 350g

[ Ingredients 成份 ]

 Lotus Root,Water Chestnuts,Dried Pear, Carrot, Radix Puerariae,Imperatae,Cane,Permitted Preservative


[ Directions 用法 ]

Add ingredients to 1.5-2 litres of water boil till see the.Then use slow fire and continue to boil for another 45 minutes. Serves 4-5 persons.

将配料加入1.5-2公升清水,用快火煮沸后,再以慢火煮45分钟, 即可供4-5人饮用。

Storage : Keep Refrigerated(储存于冰箱)
Net Weight : 350G
Product of : China