Daifonai Herbal Bath 陈金满大风艾祛风浴汤包

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Daifonai Herbal Bath 陈金满大风艾祛风浴汤包

 [ INDICATION (For external use only / 适用(只宜外用) 

Traditionally used for mothers during their post-natal period as it helps to expel wind (continually use 30 to 40 day). Its helps relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.



Adult use once a day and 1 packet per usage. Place one packet into a pot of 18 litre water (can also put some ginger). Boil, then leave to simmer for 10 - 15 minutes . Then allow to cool to a suitable temperature (or add in the boiled water) before showering with it or wipe over the body with a towel as an external skin cleanser. This product also can be use for spa or foot spa.

每天只需用一次及一包 。将一包放入18公升的水中(可加入几片姜) 煮至滚沸,再以慢火煮10-15分销即可。之后置放至适当的温度,或加入已煮过的开水降温,既可用来洗澡或用毛巾沾湿敷于全身作洁肤用 。此产品也能用于平日泡澡或泡脚。

[ Each 80g powder contains the following active ingredients ]

大风艾(艾纳香) Herba Blumea Balsamiferae 56g
香茅 Herba Cymbopogonis Citrati 20g
杜荆 Herba Vitex Cannabifolia 4g


Storage in 30°C or below, and keep away from light and moisture 
请存放在 30°C或以下,远离阳光及潮湿 。

Net Weight : 80g x10 pkts/ bag
Product Of : Malaysia