Organic Herbal White Fungus 本草黄金银耳 — 80g

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Organic Herbal White Fungus 本草黄金银耳 — 80g

本草黄金银耳胶质好比燕窝,营养价值高能提高免疫力,滋阴润肺,美容养颜, 含有高膳食纤维,代餐又营养等多种功效。

[ Directions 用法 ]

1. Soak 2 grams of fungus with 200ml of Hot Water in the thermo flask for 40 mins.

2. Slow cook the fungus for 15 mins over the flame with 100ml of water per gram of fungus, other ingredients such as rock sugar red dates, longan pulp can be added to individual preference.

1. 取2克本草黄金银耳放入焖烧杯 中后加入200ml沸水密盖40分钟 即可食用。

2. 也可以小煮15分钟后即可食用。 依个人喜好可随意加入冰糖, 枸杞, 元肉, 红枣, 口感更佳。

Ingredients : Herbal White Fungus
Storage : Keep Refrigerated 
Net Weight : 80g
Product of : China